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Planning Out Your Gazebo Design

Planning a gazebo design can be as enjoyable as relaxing in the gazebo itself once it is finished. When it comes to gazebo plans and designs, there are more options and choices than one can imagine.

At first, the process may seem a bit daunting, but once you really start exploring what you want and refine your choices, the gazebo plans that shape up will be not only appealing, but reflect your personal tastes and needs as well. That will add the extra outdoor charm and be an excellent addition to your property.

Gazebo plans come in a variety of different styles. One of the first choices you will need to make is how large you want the gazebo to be. Is it a small addition to a winding garden path, intended to house a small bench possibly and/or a focal point in the garden to plan landscaping and flower beds around?

Or will it be a sort of stand-alone structure, with a full covered roof, screened in side openings, a latch door, and even electrical power (for fans and night lighting) inside?


Your gazebo plans could fall somewhere in between, as most do. Some of the most popular gazebo designs incorporate enough space to hold several benches around the periphery, or to house a full table and chair set for outdoor dining and entertaining.

Some gazebo designs are built and offered in standardized formats. Such as number of people the gazebo will seat. A lot of Gazebos designs stay with the straight lengths and sections of lumber which are priced competitively and thus very popular. Really some people first want to enjoy the open and airy environment Gazebos create.

Still others Gazebos take a more tropical tone, with Asian and tropical island inspired designs such as a pagoda-inspired contour or grass-style roof covering.

Take your time, stake out the area you have in mind, look at the space to ensure the positon will work and then sort through the sizes, trim types, number of seating, roof and trim detials that you like to arrive at your own gazebo design.














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